Body Fittings

Our six catalogues showcase a select range of each of our categories - Door Parts, Vents & Heating, Locks, General Parts, Handles and Hinges. We have over 500 body fitting parts in our stock, so if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us and we can help you find the part you need.

Please note: These catalogues are optimised for web, therefore they have a lower resolution. If you would like a higher resolution copy of any of our catalogues please send a request here 

Door Parts

Edition 2 Door Parts Catalogue is a member of our Body Fittings range. Parts consist of: Bearings, Brushes, Controls, Valves, Switches and miscellaneous parts.

Vents & Heating

Our new Edition 2 of the Body Fitting range. Vents & Heating includes: Passenger Service Units, Blower Units, Heaters, Pumps and Valves, Heater Controls, Air Conditioning, Toilets Fans and Silicone Hoses.


Edition 2 Locks Catalogue from our New Body Fittings range. Parts include: Slam Locks, Cab Door Locks, Rod Locks and Fasteners, Access Panel Locks, Budget Locks, Door Retainers and Catches, Door Strikers, Window Locks, Barrels and Keys and so much more...

General Parts

Edition 2 General Parts Catalogue from the Body Fittings range. Including: Safety Parts, Signs, Accessories, Wheels, Toilets & Servery, Flooring, Blinds and Gas Struts.


Edition 2 handles Catalogue of the Body Fittings range includes parts such as Exterior & Interior Handles and a select number of Spare Keys


Our Edition 2 Hinges Catalogue of the new Body Fittings range consists of Door Panel and Window Hinges, as well as a collection of Miscellaneous Parts...

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