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Winter Promotion

Winter Promotion

30th Oct 2013

We have a wide range of products available to get you through the cold months ahead…

1. Silicone Hose Kit (Part Number: MVH9.10)

2. Multi-Positional Inspection Lamp (MWP1.2)

3. Battery Type 632 (Part Number: MWP1.3)

4. Torch Lantern (Part Number: MWP1.4)

5. 3 Speed Twin Blower Assy (Part Number: MVH3.21)

6. Blower Assy (Part Number: MWP1.6)

7. LED Hand Torch (Part Number: MWP1.7)

8. LED Inspection Lamp (Part Number: MWP1.8)

For further information please email: